Vault Micro Co. Ltd. Signs Business Agreement with Vinetree of GameTalkTalk Success


CEO, Kim Sung Il, of Vault Micro, a mobile software (live camera solutions) developer, announced on the 9th of this month that it has signed a multilateral business agreement (MOU) with CEO, Kim Sang Duck, of Vinetree, makers of the mobile app hit, GameTalkTalk. Through this MOU with Vinetree, Vault Micro has decided to support GameTalkTalk’s live streaming contents, find linked business models, and support mutual marketing efforts.

CameraFi Live, an Android live streaming app developed by Vault Micro, added a screen capture broadcast function on the 28th. Screen capture broadcasting allows game users to broadcast their mobile gameplay live on YouTube and Facebook using a smartphone front camera and built-in microphone without installing additional software or hardware.

“CameraFi Live is a mobile streaming service suitable for the live influencer era, and we expect that this MOU will provide a venue for mobile gamers to communicate with each other in new and more exciting ways,” said Kim Sung-il, CEO of Vault Micro Co. “We want to continue to use the real-time video editing technology of CameraFi Live for game broadcasting and to revitalize the mobile game community.”

CameraFi Live is a live streaming Android app on YouTube and Facebook that was released in December 2015. With a few clicks, various kinds of real-time edits can be added to any stream, including images, text overlays, video filters and even pen functions are compatible. These real-time broadcasts can be sent to live broadcasting service platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Not only smartphone cameras but also external accessory cameras such as camcorders, DSLRs, drones and 360-degree cameras can be connected, making it a mobile app like no other in its category. An average of over 8,000 broadcasts are recorded daily, in 199 countries, through the CameraFi Live app.(Data based on that of December, 2016)


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