Vinetree’ & Korea University’s ‘Human-inspired AI Research Institute’ have inked an agreement to jointly pursue artificial intelligence development in gaming


Vinetree Co., Ltd., Korea’s leading gaming social platform company, announced on the 1st of September that it has signed a business agreement with the ‘Human-inspired AI Research Institute,’ ran by Director Lim Hee-seok of Korea University, to cooperate on research in the field of gaming artificial intelligence.

Going forward, the two organizations will be conducting joint research using intelligent profiling on source discovery technology. The two companies will mutually analyze the results and share related information on the further development of gaming AI technology.

Vinetree, which operates the wildly popular mobile app, GameTalkTalk, provides artificial intelligence services to its users by recommending games to match their corresponding demographic and recommends fellow users as potential “friends” through profiling based on accumulated gamer big data. In addition, the team plans to introduce an AI technology that collects more specific gamer data by incorporating game chatbots, etc. and expanding the platform to include differentiated verticals to appeal to a global market.

“We hope that this agreement will help GameTalkTalk establish itself as a competitive gaming powerhouse in the global market by providing optimized AI recommendation services to gamers,” said Kim Sang-duck, CEO of Vinetree Co., Ltd. ” We expect to achieve 100 million subscribers as a global gaming social platform. Through this partnership we hope, within the next 10 years, to create a 10 billion won (KRW) business which is supported by an intelligent game research center.”

Lim Hee-seok, head of Korea University’s artificial intelligence research institute, said, “We expect the growth of various game AI developments based on gamer big data that Vinetree has accumulated over the past 7 years. We will actively support the two organizations to achieve practical results such as research commercialization and promotion of research centers in the field of games through mutual cooperation.”

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